“Thermostat was replaced during initial visit from Airstar. Heater does not run as long and temperature is great, setting matches the temperature in room.”

Suzanne D. Dallas, TX


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Heating and Cooling Company in Dallas, TX

Air conditioning system repair provided in Dallas, TX. | Air Conditioning Unit Next to BuildingAirstar Services offers you the peace of mind you want when dealing with a service company. The prices at our heating and cooling company in Dallas, TX, reflect our desire to give you the best possible value for your home temperature needs. Our award-winning air conditioning repair service is performed by factory-trained and certified technicians. The techs have the skills to service all heating and air conditioning system brands.

We also sell and install some of the top name-brands in the industry. Our professionals are always courteous and prepared to make our services easy, affordable, and comfortable for you. If you would like to schedule service or if you just need more information, please contact us.

We Have Summer Incentives

When it’s summertime in Texas, every air conditioning system out there is working hard to keep up. Of course, this weather puts a big strain on these systems, so we are offering several beneficial incentives for our customers. If your air conditioner is having problems, making noises, or just not cooling, then take advantage of our AC Service Call Discount coupon. Do you think you need a new system? Save now with our New Air Conditioning System Discount coupon.

Why Your Ducts Matter

Regardless of the efficiency of your air conditioning system, your ducts can determine how well it performs. They could be clogged with years of dirt. They can be incorrectly designed or sized, making the airflow inadequate. Your ducts can be too long or even have holes, letting precious cool air out into your attic. Airstar Services helps you increase the overall efficiency of your home's heat and air system by providing custom ductwork services.

Comfort/Energy Analysis

How comfortable you are in your home is based primarily on temperature. Your central system may be powerful enough to provide the comfort you desire. However, if that system has to work too hard due to leaks in your home’s exterior, then you are wasting some of the money you work so hard for. Our heating and cooling company can come to your home and provide you with a Comfort vs. Energy Consumption Analysis and help you find ways to make your system work with less effort and last much longer. We’re here to empower you with ways to save.

Contact us with any questions. We’re happy to hear from our local customers.