Making your home healthier for your family

Old ducts, dust in the air, pollen, allergens, they all add up to yuk. Air Star Services offers your family a way to breathe easier and live healthy by providng the most up to date filtering and purification systems for your air conditioning system. Filter technology has greatly improved over the years and the new filtering systems are designed to clean the air better and to allow your system to do their job with less stress on the mechanical aspects which ames your system last longer.

Air Conditioning Filtration Systems

Most brand name air conditioner manufacturers have made great advances in product design and the test results show the new filter systems make a big diffeence in your home's air quality. The new filtering systems are designed as integral parts of new AC system components and can be added on to older systems.

UV Light Technology

UV Light has been shown in studies to reduce harmful allergens in air in your home by as much as 99%. You can effectively reduce the allergens in your home reducing illnesses, breathing problems, and the effect on allergies. A simple system to add to your home's air conditioning system, UV Light Air Quality systems are affordable and available now.

This video provides information about one of the UV systems that Airstar Services provides and installs for your home air conditioning system.

Comfort Energy Analysis

We will come to your home and analyse your HVAC system. We check your inside and outside unit, coolant levels, insulation, air leaks in your home, air leaks in your ducts, your duct system as whole, and a myriad of other aspects related to the quality of the air in your home. This analysis helps you determine what is costing you money and how to reduce those costs. Schedule your comfort analysis today!

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas which can be released by malfunctioning air conditioning systems. Without proper sensors, your home could fill with this dangerous gas without your family being aware. AirStar cares about the safety of your family, and offers top of the line NSI 3000 carbon monoxide detection systems for installation in your home. These systems detect even the most trace amount of carbon monoxide gas, alerting your family well before dangerous amounts of the gas are released.

Please watch this video for more information about the system and how it protects you and your family.


We'll remind you!

Air Star Services is on your side and we know not everyone changes their air conditioning filters reglulary enough. We can help you stay consistent and change that filter every month with a simple reminder email we send to all of our customers who sign up for it. Changing your filter every month reduces the dust and contaminents in your air much better and it allows your system to stay clean and perform properly. A clean filter can increase the life span of your central heat and air system as well.





Filter Change Reminder

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