Mequite Heating Installation

When the time comes for a new heating system you’re going to have a lot to consider, and can be a rather complicated process for the uninformed. Airstar services’ team of professional and qualified technicians can help you every step of the way. We will inspect your home and determine the best equipment for your heating needs and budget, give a number of options to you and their benefits, and finally install the system of your choice for you. Ensuring that you get the best system possible is our priority!

More than that, when we install a system, we install it to last. We can provide a guarantee on parts and labor, and provide regular maintenance of your new heating system so that it will in turn provide you with comfort for many years to come, so don’t hesitate to call today!

Gas Furnaces

Our technicians are trained to install and work with all types of heating systems. Gas furnaces are one of the most popular choices available. When you choose to use a gas furnace, you are left with a great number of options available to you. Gas furnaces come in a wide variety of sizes, with efficiency ratings which vary from 80% AFUE to over 95% AFUE.

Gas furnaces will generally last 15 years, but that lifespan can be extended by regular maintenance. They are the choice for people on a budget, as they tend to be cheaper than electric furnaces, and tend to be very safe when properly maintained.

Electric Furnaces

Alternatively, you could opt for an Electric furnace. Electric furnaces, for the most part, will not be as energy efficient as a gas furnace. However, there are some significant advantages to installing an electric furnace.

Electric furnaces require less regular maintenance than their gas powered counterparts, and often have a longer life span. As well as this, electric furnaces are completely silent, meaning you won’t be regularly disturbed by the sound of your new heating system.

Any Heating System, Any Time

Whether you’re interested in an electric or gas based heating system, or are simply unsure of which is best for your Dallas, TX area home, Airstar services’ team of expert installation technicians are the people to call. Our team is experienced working with almost any heating system on the market, and can install units in any home. Give us a call today to find out how Airstar Services can help keep you nice and warm in your home this winter.

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